8 things you have to be okay with if you are going to vote Tory

Just a few things to be aware of – with proper citations so you can pick me up on any of it.

  • Tory welfare reforms have been described, by the United Nations, as “grave and systematic violations of disabled peoples rights”.  This has led the UK to be the first country ever to be investigated by the UN for breach of human rights conventions we are a part of.
  • The Tory promise to extend workers rights is a political sleight-of-hand – they will also raise the tribunal fees to enact such rules, making them unenforceable in practical terms.
  • The first meeting between the UK and the EU was an unmitigated disaster.  Her being “bloody difficult” could be a barrier to good negotiations – a hinderance – that is pushing a good deal away, rather than making it more likely.  In negotiation, stubbornness needs to be married with charm and flexibility – are you sure she has those?
  • Theresa May has flatly refused to take part in any debates during this election.  Refusing to talk with people who might challenge her beliefs should be seen as a sign of weakness.  Remember, she did not have to face an election the first time, and she is now refusing to debate this one.  To vote for her is simply to buy the message she is selling to you.

Image from The Independent


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